Why is a Snoozer Luxury Mattress the Top Choice of 5-Star Hotels in India?  - India’s oldest sleep luxury mattress company

Why is a Snoozer Luxury Mattress the Top Choice of 5-Star Hotels in India? 

Why is a Snoozer Luxury Mattress the Top Choice of 5-Star Hotels in India

Five-star hotels promise luxury, comfort, and extravagance. An overnight stay at a reputed five-star hotel with all its top-class amenities makes you feel relaxed and energized. Customers can have an uninterrupted sleep through the night on the soft mattress. The large and inviting bed is one of the main attractions of choosing a 5-star hotel. The mattresses seem to be specially made for hotels and provide extra comfort.

So, where do the leading 5-star hotels get their mattresses from? Snoozer, of course! It is the best brand for mattress in the country and offers a large variety to choose from.

Here, we’ll find out why premium five-star hotels rely on Snoozer to please their guests.

Why Snoozer® Mattress is the Top Choice of 5-Star Hotels

Softer Mattress with Snoozer

The mattresses in hotels are softer as they are designed to provide relaxation to customers. Hotel guests tend to be busy with travel, meetings, and various activities. A good night’s sleep is essential to make them feel better the next morning. Snoozer designs mattresses with an innerspring system that supports the back without feeling too hard or firm. There’s softer padding to cushion the person lying on it. Sleeping in a 5-star hotel bed with a Snoozer mattress feels like resting on the clouds. No waking up with body pains or cramps due to uneven mattresses.

Range of Models to Choose From

Snoozer has four major types of mattresses – Orthopedic, Posture Care, Beauty Sleep, and Presidential Suite. While the first two models are designed for personal use, the last two models are preferred by hotels. In fact, the Presidential Suite model is famous with five-star hotels and homeowners who want to replicate the same feeling of luxury in their bedrooms. Moreover, Snoozer offers large mattresses (extra large king size) with 10 and 12-inch thicknesses to provide the utmost comfort.

Durability and Quality

Snoozer mattress is made using 100% certified Natural Latex of the best quality. There’s no compromise on the raw materials or the manufacturing process. Every mattress is tested multiple times before it is approved for sale. We firmly believe in offering quality products to clients. Snoozer mattresses are highly durable and don’t have to be replaced often despite extensive use. The innerspring system can easily handle heavy weights without sagging or losing shape.

Customer Satisfaction

Guests in five-star hotels are particular about their experience during their stay. Furthermore, in today’s world, customers don’t hesitate to down-rate a brand or write a bad review if they aren’t happy with the services. In such instances, 5-star hotels can ensure customer satisfaction by using Snoozer mattresses for the beds. A good night’s sleep makes the guests feel better and wake up with a smile on their faces. It’s a great way to maintain high standards in the hotel.

Custom Made Models

Though most beds have standard dimensions, five-star hotels tend to build their own beds with custom specifications. This means that the mattress should also be custom-made to suit the bed’s dimensions. Snoozer takes care of this aspect, too. Apart from the existing sizes, we accept orders to design and build mattresses in specific sizes as required by the hotel. The management finds it stress-free to work with Snoozer and get mattresses for their hotels.

Safety Factors Guaranteed with Snoozer mattress

Despite elaborate safety systems, hotels have a higher risk of fire accidents due to the inherent layout of the building and the number of rooms. Fire safety is a matter of concern one cannot ignore. Naturally, Snoozer has considered this aspect when designing mattresses. We use fire-resistant materials throughout the layers from top to bottom. We ensure that the Snoozer mattress will not catch fire immediately and pose a life risk to the customer. It reduces the risk of fire accidents in hotel rooms.

Luxury and Comfort

The ultra-plush and minimalistic designs ensure that users enjoy the feel of the mattress when they sit or sleep on it. Snoozer mattresses are soft to touch and have well-defined edges. From thickness to suspension, everything about Snoozer makes it the best and most reliable 5 star hotel mattress in the country. In fact, many premium hotels use pillow-top mattresses that have another layer added for better relaxation. Both the firm and soft mattresses with a pillow-top layer are a delight to sleep on.

Hygiene and Health Care with Snoozer

Sleeping in a hotel bed does increase the risk of allergies for sensitive people. However, it’s not a concern when the hotels use Snoozer mattresses. We understand the need for hygiene and make it easy to clean the mattress. Every mattress comes with a removable cover that can be unzipped and washed. The mattresses can be vacuumed with a hand-held device without the risk of loose fabric. Furthermore, people with asthma or other allergies can safely sleep on Snoozer mattress as it is made with quality and skin-friendly materials.

Return on Investment

Hotels need to balance between customer satisfaction and profits. ROI is a vital factor when finalizing amenities and services to customers. Snoozer mattress has become a go-to option for 5-star hotels due to the quality of the product and the after-sales service provided by the company. We are reliable and trustworthy and help hotels generate high ROI by enhancing customer experience with our mattresses. Furthermore, additional features like durability, safety, hygiene, price, etc., make us the top choice in the Indian market.

Snoozer Mattress for Star Hotels!

Snoozer has gained a reputation as the best brand for mattress by hand-making the mattresses and taking personal care in crafting each product to perfection. We combine traditional knowledge and advanced technology to bring the best of both worlds.

From materials to manufacturing to support services, Snoozer ensures quality everywhere and doesn’t compromise client satisfaction. We offer a great combination of price, quality, designs, and utility value to all our customers, be it hotels or homeowners.

Five-star hotels and Snoozer are a perfect combination. Let guests experience luxury like no other with custom-made Snoozer mattresses.

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