Credible Reviews

At Postcard Hotels & Resorts everything has to be the best in class. Our guests say they had the best sleep experience in years . Snoozer has been our intrinsic partner in that experience.

Kapil Chopra

Founder - EazyDiner and The Postcard Hotels, ( ex President - The Oberoi luxury hotels )
One of the reasons we choose Snoozer® Mattress since 2002 is because they are the most comfortable and last the longest. They provide the right firmness with a comfort and support for a really good night’s sleep.

Priya Paul

Chairperson, Park Hotel
I ordered Snoozer® Beauty Sleep® Mattresses. I was pleasantly surprised they were as good as the high priced Imported Mattresses.

Naveen Jindal

Chairman, Jindal Steel and Power Limited
We have been using Snoozer® Mattress for its solid build quality & comfort for nearly two decades. Highly recommended.

Anjali Goel

La Sorogeeka, Luxury Interiors for Homes & Palaces in India & Middle East
You have your wingback chairs, chaise lounges, but for me the place to rest, rejuvenate & dream is my customised Snoozer® Box Bed & Mattress. Thank you Snoozer® for your fantastic quality.

Diwan Gautam Anand

Ex EVP ITC Hotels
I have been using Snoozer® luxury mattresses in various luxury hotels since 2002. You can be assured of great quality, durability & prompt after sales. Would recommend it to those looking for a great sleep every night.

Garima Nagpal

Founder Member at SOHO
I've been using Snoozer® premium Mattresses for over 10 years now & am very happy with them. Great product & excellent customer service.

RC Sharma

Ex President, Reliance Industries Ltd.
As a Hospitality Project Professional for the last 30 Years, I’ve been using Snoozer® mattresses for one & half decades. I can confidently say that Snoozer® Mattress has given my client's the best night sleep.

Ajit Thomas

Hyatt International Technical Services . UAE & India
Bought snoozer mattress for my new home. I sleep better, no tossing, turning, and changing positions to find an optimal sleeping posture.... wake up feeling fresh every morning. Best investment ever!

Dhiren Gopal

Director, Featherlite Furniture, Bangalore
With over 40 years of Hospitality Industry experience, I can confidently recommend Snoozer® mattresses and beds.

Amar Tekchandaney

Ex COO & Industry Veteran ( Accor / Marriotts / Hyatts)
In my 30 Years of hospitality procurement, I have yet to come across a stronger luxe brand, at the right price.

Sanjay Varghese

Director Materials, The Imperial, New Delhi
Snoozer® mattresses are very comfortable to use and long lasting. They are a complete value for money. Excellent product.

Meenu Tognatta

Corporate Housekeeper ITC Hotels
Snoozer® mattresses last very long. Highly recommended for home & hotel use.

Rita Choudhary

Ex Corporate Housekeeper, Sarovar Hotels & Resorts
After hearing from my celebrity friends, I just bought my first Snoozer® mattress. It indeed is very good & comes up to its reputation.

Rekha Mehta

Director Housekeeping, Intercontinental Hotels Group
I find the mattress extremely comfortable, it is soft but gives good support. In fact I think I have had some the best nights’ sleep in my life!

Belinda Wright

Wildlife Photographer & Conservationist
I slept on these mattresses at the Trident & The luxury hotels and they offered perfect support to the back and the body and aided in a peaceful sleep. Kudos to Snoozer®!

Abhay Gautam

Country Officer, University of Melbourne
I had one of the best night’s sleep ever in India, and the hotel explained that it was your bed mattress… I’d love to have one in my home in UK.

Anne Mortensen

Guest at The Vanyavilas
Me and my friends stayed at Goa Marriott resort hotel. We all think the beds we slept in was the best beds & mattress ever.

Trond Nordhus

Couple of times, we slept at the Hyatt in Goa or at Oberoi luxury hotels all over India and really could notice how well we slept in all these beds & mattresses, were all from Snoozer®!

Virginia Maillard

I came to know of Snoozer® Mattress from T-BHP forum. The product is amazing and highly recommended.

Subrata Sen

I had an outstanding sleep experience in your beds & mattresses at Amarvilas and Vanyavilas, Hotels.

Francois O. Dommergues

Snoozer® mattress are truly the last word in luxury. Once you have this bed in your home, you don’t feel the need to ever go to a five star hotel. They are with comfortable and plush mattresses, giving you a good night’s sleep.

Meena Kapoor

We have been using SNOOZER® MATTRESS, over last eight years in our three different Bed rooms, the tremendous Spine Support that you get, and the flexible body feeling that one gets on waking up.


The comfort & restful sleep on a Snoozer® mattress is unmatchable. Been using it for 20 years now at my resorts in Himachal Pradesh.

Karan Jolly

Baikunth Resorts Kasauli
After hearing from my celebrity friends, I just bought my first Snoozer® Mattress. It indeed is very good & comes up to its reputation.

Gunkaran Singh

Owner, F Bar, Chandigarh
For the Last 17 years, Snoozer® has been our Choice of mattress and never let us down. Sleep could not have been better & the back support is really well worth the price you pay.

Neelu Sawhny

Ex Consultant Hastens Delhi NCR
Was a pleasure visiting the Snoozer® Mohali Store . Was received very cordially and shown around. The display of mattresses was very good. Wasn't difficult to choose what I was looking for because of personal touch and detailed briefing of the product. Was one of the most amazing and wonderful experience of shopping. Select range of mattresses makes it very simple to pick up what one has in mind. Wish Snoozer® Store and particularly Manu Malhotra all the very best. Probably the best mattresses in India & a good company to deal with. Stay blessed always and millions of thanks

General HJ Singh

I went through google for the best mattress I know few branded companies later when I saw SNOOZER® and spoke to Samta, I felt very confident later I went through the materials used by this company and placed the Oder When we received it we didn’t used it for three months later when I went to a friends house warming they used the kurlon top model spent a lots of money when I came back and saw my beds they look very premium and the edges quality and bottom of the beds are done so perfect with high quality. As I’m using the beauty sleep® since ten days I really feel very comfortable and best they Look so royal and they named it perfect beauty sleep® I feel the same when I’m on the bed

Sasidhar Babu.M

Executive director, Hotel Sindhuri park
I want to congratulate you and your lovely team for developing such a product in India which is comparable to the best in the world. Its certainly the best mattress one can buy and I would highly recommend everyone to invest in your mattress for the lovely sleep and comfort. I would also like to add the personal promptness and warmth of Ms. Samta ji which has added to the overall customer experience.

Gaurav Goenka

Hon Consul of the Republic of Mali in Kolkata
We got our new Snoozer® Ortho mattress a couple of days back. After a long time we felt very comfortable to sleep on a firm, yet soft mattress. We slept for 8 hours undisturbed. We did not feel a hammock as in previous ones, it was luxury to sleep on the best orthopedic® mattress in India. Also we did not disturb each other while rolling on our side. Thank you Snoozer®.

Doraiswamy Nagarajan

Recently I ordered a mattress from Snoozer directly i.e “Posture Care®” and must compliment the product as it has excellent comfort and we use to have our awesome comfortable sleep. They have a very efficient team. I was in contact with Mrs. Samta Sikka who made my ordering very easy. And the best thing is - I got delivery on time as committed by them. 5-star rating. Thank you.

Anshul Singhal

You truly get what you put in. You invest in a snoozer® you get a good health. The five qualities of a good bed that ensure good sleep are - Beauty, cool, white, softness, aromatic. In my experience of sleeping in snoozer® bedding, you are assured of all five. Possessing a Snoozer® at home will save you from not looking for a 5-star hotel. Good sleep ensures good health and saves on not paying high hospital bills and mental stress. The only caution it's very difficult to share your bed with anyone and you will get addicted soon. Thank you

R Balaji

Hi, I'm delighted to share my experience specifically about snoozer® mattresses, First time I used them while staying at one of the RCI affiliated resorts at Raichak near Calcutta, I felt very comfortable using them at that time as I used to have a backache problem, upon making inquiries I got whereabouts of a snoozer®, which as a pleasant surprise was in my immediate neighborhood at Mohali, I ordered for one orthofriendly for mattress self-use, to my surprised I was no more dependent on pain killers. Since I was working in Haryana Raj Bhawan at Chandigarh, I was fortunate enough to get an opportunity to prepare a suite for stay by Ist lady The president of India Mrs. Patil who was very particular about the mattress she would be using, there came my personal experience to good use, I contacted the snoozer® office to order a mattress for her, a customized one in a challenging period of less than 30hours, Snoozers® didn't disappoint to fulfill their commitment in such short span of time, The president of India acknowledged the comfort she felt in her overall stay at Rajbhawan, my job was also appreciated 👍 thereafter I'm using the product, upon my recommendations many relative's and family friends are using snoozer® mattresses happily without any complaints. I wish snoozer® all the very best Regards

Raju Sarin

SDO Rajbhawan
Have recently purchased a snoozer® mattress ( posture care®). To start with the professional approach and response of Ms. Samta were immaculate and extremely hospitable. She went out of the way to give deep insights into not only the product but how cleared apprehensions on mattresses. The payment was frictionless with no hidden costs and the delivery a breeze with precision as per given dates. Me being from the army was reminded of the discipline and professionalism the lady exhibited for delivery of the product. It has been almost 2 weeks plus post-delivery and I find the product par excellence as per industry standards. To say the least I’m extremely satisfied with the experience. Coming weeks will bring more credibility to the product I have purchased.

Rajnish Gambhir

Colonel, Panchkula
The Posture Care® mattress is very comfortable. Thank you very much for helping to select the best product. The main part of this mattress is the comfort that we feel is awesome and the sales team is doing a wonderful job to deliver the right product to their customers. The packing and care taken for the delivery are fabulous. All the best wishes to the whole team. There are some more mattress requirements here for our relatives. I Will order once this lock down completed.


We have been using Snoozer® beds & mattresses at our Hotels for over a decade with great guest feedback as to comfort. I wish Snoozer® all the very best .

Y Dhawan

Group CFO Eros Group ( The Shangri La , New Delhi & other hotels )
I have never slept so well as in Radisson Agra with the beds from your firm. Snoozer® . How can we buy them in Europe ?

Eva Stieber

I have found Snoozer® mattresses to be my most comfortable mattress. It’s thick enough for my height, firm enough to support my back without sinking into it . I highly recommend this bed to everyone.

A. Mukthar

White House Exports, Chennai
We stayed at the Welcome Hotel in Jodhpur and found your mattress that we slept on very comfortable.

Helga Groenewald

S Africa
I am staying at the JW Marriott in Mumbai and really enjoy your bed. I’d like to know the specific model that you have supplied to the hotel so that I can consider purchasing one for my home.

Douglas Kemis

Stayed at the Hyatt Regency in Mumbai & wish to purchase one of your amazing beds! It is without a doubt the best Bed we have ever slept on...

Jason Adams

I bought a Posture Care® Mattress. It is very comfortable...once u get on it u won't like to come out.

Payal Rastogi

Kota Rajasthan
I am most impressed by Snoozer’s® service, promptness and professionalism. My son who came home from the UK absolutely loved the mattress. Thank you so much. I cannot appreciate you enough.

Nina Ghura

I stayed at the Raintree Hotel in Chennai & I don’t think I have ever slept on such a comfortable bed in my life! Can you tell me if it is possible to buy your beds in the UK please?

Mike Gordon

My husband has an on-off backache problem and we have consulted the best docs but no problem has been detected. We've changed all kinds of mattresses, but to no avail. Surprisingly, he would wake up refreshed during hotel stay at The Grand in Kolkata on the Snoozer® Mattresses supplied by you " We'd like to buy these for our home.

Komal Vijay Singh

Principal Correspondent, The Hindu
While working for ITC Hotels over 30 years,I have found Snoozer® Mattress probably the best in India. Their Mattresses have consistently provided the best of support, comfort and durability; a great choice for hotels and individuals.

Mrs. A. George

Corporate Housekeeper (Retired)ITC Hotels.
We have been sleeping on Snoozer® and love it. This is one purchase we are really happy about.

Mrs. Indira w/o Mr. Akhilesh Prasad

CEO Reliance Trend
The Snoozer® Mattress that we slept on at The Bangalore was so incredibly comfortable (and good to our backs!) that we decided to order Snoozer® Mattresses for our new home in India.

Callahan Muir