Frequently Asked Questions

The “best” mattress for you is the one that keeps you comfortable and well supported, and gives you a great night’s sleep. By offering only four kinds of high-quality luxury mattresses, Snoozer® takes away the headache of selecting the most suitable one for your home. Also remember that mattresses tend to gradually lose their comfort & support but should continue to give you adequate sleep support for at least 10-15 years. Some mattresses might feel equally good initially but tend to deteriorate very quickly over the next few years. At Snoozer®, we have been continuously researching and incorporating feedbacks to build the right mattresses for our customers. We have weeded out the models that do not give our customers true value. When you order from Snoozer® Bedding, you can feel confident that every model is the best value available, regardless of the price point.

There is no “one-size-fits-all” in mattresses. A teen, for example, may be able to use a twin size bed or may be more comfortable with a queen. If you sleep with a partner, you will certainly require a different size mattress than a child.

King size mattresses are the most popular at the moment; but, if you have room for a larger size, you will be more comfortable with that.

Try graduating from a 75” x 72” to a 72” x 78” or a 78” x 80” .

The additional space will help you sleep like a king or a queen.


A good-quality mattress is an investment that gives you tremendous return. When you are rested, your mind functions better, your memory is sharper, and you can be sure you won’t fall asleep on the job, in class, or while driving. You can get a quality mattress that will last you for years to come, and provide you with the sleep you need to be at your best. Invest in the best quality mattress that you can afford. Less expensive mattresses may seem like a bargain, but they may not provide the comfort, support and durability necessary for a great night’s sleep.

A spring or pocket spring mattress offers great support, by distributing your body weight evenly. You won’t feel too warm, as the open construction allows air to circulate. Because the spring in the core of a mattress flex and adjust to the shape of the body. They firmly provide an upword thrust (like when a spring is compressed) enhancing the Orthopedic support. This cannot be attained by any other material like coir, rubber, foam, memory foam etc. Therefore, best mattresses around the world have a core support.

In order to find the perfect bed for your needs, there are several questions you will need to consider. First, what size bed do you need? If the bed is for a child or a dormitory room, a twin size might be fine. If the bed is normally used by two people, the smallest size to consider is a full size. Queen size and king size beds provide considerably more room and comfort for the sleepers; however, you must also consider the size of the room.

Will you need a mattress and box spring set, or just a mattress only to be used on a platform bed? The next consideration is how you want the bed to feel as far as comfort is concerned. All of the beds that we carry at will give you great support. What will vary is the amount of cushioning or surface comfort.

Do you want the bed to be firm, with very little cushioning, or do you want it to be very plush, like sleeping on several comforters?

Once you can answer these questions and have some idea of how much you want to invest in your mattress, you are ready to Call, Click, or Visit a dealer to find the perfect bed for you!

Traditionally, mattresses should be replaced every 10 to 15 years. The life of a mattress can be impacted by many factors, including the height and weight of the sleeper(s) and whether or not it is supported by a proper frame and foundation, and even the climate that you live in. If the mattress is abused by standing or jumping on it, or if a double-sided mattress is not turned as recommended by the manufacturer, you may need to replace the mattress sooner. Ultimately, if you wake up feeling stiff and sore, and you can’t identify any other causes; you might want to think about replacing your mattress. Your lifestyle and your body may undergo rapid changes, and that may mean that your mattress should change, too. As a rule, if your mattress sags or is worn and lumpy, you should think about replacing it.

Lifestyle factors – age, physical activity, smoking, and illness – are all important. However, your mattress is the most important factor in determining the quality of your sleep. Your mattress should support you and be comfortable enough to allow you to sleep in one position all night, without the tossing and turning that is caused by pressure points. Restless sleep or waking up with aches in your arms, legs and back is a sure sign that your mattress is not helping you get the rest you need.

Our Beauty Sleep® & Presidential Suite® models are one-sided effective 1st September 2020 all our mattress are no need to flip design, as opposed to the two-sided models like Orthopedic® & Posture Care® that require flipping and rotating. If you have a two-sided mattress, rotating it minimizes the impressions your body leaves and makes your mattress more resilient and resistant to wear and tear, because you are using all the sleeping surfaces. Two-sided mattresses should be “flipped” once every two weeks for the first three months and once every two months thereafter. The first time, turn it over so the top surface is now resting on the foundation. So the next time, just spin the mattress from head to toe, leaving the same surface in contact with the foundation. Alternate these two procedures every two months and you can expect a long life from your mattress. For a one sided mattress you should turn it from Head to Toe side every 2 weeks for the first 3 months then every three month to equalize the body impressions.

Snoozer® was the pioneer manufacturer of Inner Mattresses in india in 1995 and has been quietly helping discerning buyers like Five Star Hotels & Homeowners with their best night’s sleep.

It is not a mass market brand and therefore is available and advertised very selectively all over India.

Snoozer® is a niche’ high end mattress which provides more comfort,  better Orthopedic® support & longer durability  than other mass market brands.  Each mattress is custom made in the main factory and then home delivered all over India rather than mass market brands which execute cut & paste jobs  in city based small workshops to deliver a special sized mattress the next day. It is the preferred brand for the discerning buyer.

Not exactly! Unlike other Spring Mattresses which have nearly 80% coil springs to reduce the cost & quality ;  a Snoozer® has 30% – 40% Inner support with different comfort layers like Foam, Natural Latex, Latex Rubber, Cotton, Wool etc along with firm sitting edges . Therefore a Snoozer® Mattress feels more comfortable than a typical mattress.

Snoozer® Five Star Hotel Mattresses & other products & services perhaps offer the highest level of luxurious comfort to help the tired traveller relax during the short or long-term stay at the hotel. All facilities are benchmarked to the best. Enlightened Home buyers therefore prefer to trust the brands used by the hotel professionals to create a level of luxurious comfort back home.

Snoozer® Orthopedic® basic model with a firm feel, Posture Care® is our best seller with a medium firm feel, Beauty Sleep® is enhanced with luxurious natural latex feel and is Plush, Presidential Suite® is  Natural Latex foam enhanced Ultra Plush Mattress.

All our mattresses can be enhanced further with use of various toppers for a higher comfort feel or in some cases a firm pad can be used to increase the firmness.

There are many reasons for back pain. Some of the common reasons are poor Posture, tension, pulled muscles or a slip disc. A proper mattress will go a long way in reducing your level of discomfort.

Latex/ Natural Latex/Coir Foam Mattresses on their own do not offer the adequate Firm support from beneath.

Inner Coil Mattresses resist weight sink in the mattress by providing an interactive upward Orthopedically correct support aligned to your body.

Therefore the best mattress to provide a luxurious comfort to help you sleep faster & provide the right Orthopedic® support is a good quality Snoozer Medium Firm mattress model as also recommended by the leading health journal The Lancet.

Also  Firmness is subjective and personalized comfort preferences can be adjusted later on – to a more Firm feel by using a ‘Firm Pad’ or a softer plusher feel by using a ‘Mattress Topper’.

PU Foam is a petroleum based product. Natural latex is created from liquid tapped from rubber trees. Even though it does not resist weight like metal coils, it does back to provide a resilient, springy, comfortable surface, where as Natural Latex Foam is a petroleum based product & can take 10-60 seconds to recover. All only Natural Latex foam mattresses users often complain of a trapped sinking feel & a higher sweat factor.
Natural Latex Gel Foams are new additions but tend to break down faster on a mattress surface because of low load bearing & resilience quality.

The company has been operating in the toughest market – Supplying to the Five Star hotels who are professional buyers with stringent quality controls for the last twenty years on a repeat basis. Snoozer® Mattresses are reputed to be built with out compromise or diluting any specifications.
A good quality mattress is a wise investment for a good night’s sleep. Appreciate we spend a third of life in Bed and deserve the best. Quilted slabs of foam or coir naturally cost less but do not provide the right comfort or support. Newer technologies & products are available now just like in every product category. As a one time investment for the next 10 years, the per night cost difference works out to no more than a few Rs. between a regular mass market well known brand and a custom manufactured niche’ mattress brand like Snoozer®.

In case of any product feedback you can always get in touch with the company where product specialists would discuss & try to resolve your issues.

Thereafter if needed local dealer’s support staff or a company official will provide you the desired help & resolve the issues .

Yes, Snoozer® Mattresses are indeed Orthopedic®! Snoozer® uses the newest mattress technology to provide Orthopedic® support and utmost comfort to provide undisturbed sleep.

Snoozer® mattress has a dimension size tolerance of ± 2cm in width and length. Finished sizes are measured from seam to seam on the binding tape at the centerlines of the width and length.
Easy Steps For Caring Your Two-Sided Mattress Flipping and Turning will help to relieve the compression on the upholstered materials that work with the coils to provide comfort and support at the same time. Normally, body impression of less than 38 mm (1.5 inch) that appear after a period of use is not considered as defects.
  • In the first 3 months, flip and turn your mattress every 2 weeks.
  • Thereafter, flip and turn the mattress every 60 days.
Easy Steps For Caring Your Snoozer® Non-Flip Mattress This unique Snoozer®  “Non-Flip” design does not have to be flipped to maintain warranty protection. Your Non-Flip mattress will have a different type of finish on the bottom than the top surface. The bottom finish assists in reducing mattress movement on the boxspring. Although not required, in an effort to fully maximize the comfort performance of the product, we suggest rotating the mattress from corner to corner to assist in equalizing the body impressions that will occur in a high-quality new mattress

This will help relieve the compression on the upholstered materials, which are soft and constructed to work with the coils to provide comfort and support at the same time.

Nowadays, mattresses are of a higher height as they are much plusher than yesteryears. Sheet manufacturers are increasing the depths of their fitted sheets. Just a few years ago, the depths (or gusset) of fitted sheets were generally 7″- 7.5″. Today, most sheets made by major linen mills have at least a 9″- 9.5″ gusset (or depth). More and more mills are making “high contour” sheets that have 11″, 13″, 14″ and even some 15″ depths. Deeper-made sheets or Deep pocket sheets are available at most major retailers.

Bedding may have a new upholstery smell when it is removed from the plastic wrap. The smell should diminish in two to three weeks. Increased air flow, such as opening a window in the room, will help to remove the odor. Alternatively, you may purchase sachets of charcoal to remove the odor.

Odors that do not appear until several years after the mattress has been in a home are generally a result of being soiled over the years and long-term use. The upholstery of the mattress, like the fabric of clothing, is porous and traps odors when you cook or smoke at home. When this happens, it means your mattress is old and needs to be replaced.

The best way to protect your mattress from stains or being soiled is to use Snoozer® mattress protector. Snoozer® mattress protectors feature the unique Expand-A-Grip benefit to hold mattress protector firmly to mattress. The Expand-A-Grip feature allows the mattress protector to fit 4″ to 15″ thick mattress. Its glove-like fit allows proper sheet fit. Filled with polyester fiberfill and antimicrobial-treated fabric, it helps to eliminate household dust mites and protect the fiberfill from growth of mildew and control odors. It is 100% cotton-made, making it very comfortable and it adds an additional layer of breathable comfort to your mattress. It is machine washable and dryable.
Snoozer® recommends that you test the beds on the retail show floor to determine your personal comfort preference. Lie down on each mattress to help you decide which model is best suited to your needs. Many components make up the feel of a mattress – such as coil unit construction, foam and upholstery layers, and cover fabric.

Body impression is a normal characteristic of premium bedding for plush mattresses.

Impressions of 38mm or less on the mattress in all sleeping areas is considered within the industrial tolerance limit. 

The method of measuring body impression which we measure body impression is similarly employed by most other bedding brands.

Please go through our Warranty coverage

Premium and long-lasting orthopdeic®, Posture care®, Presidential suite® and Beauty sleep® mattresses are manufactured by Snoozer® Mattress. We use recycled, innovative and natural materials that consume less energy and create less waste.

Posture Care® Mattress focuses more on providing the right support to your spine with its advanced coil springs that adapt to the body contours, whereas the Dual orthopeddic® mattress is used for the provision of right Orthopaedic® support and relieves you from all your back pains. Crafted intricately with double safety standards, the Dual Orthopedic®mattress is thick and made of subtle cloud cream fabric for your comfort. Orthopedic®

King Size (75″ x 72″), (78″ x 72″), (80″ x 72″), (80″ x 78″) and Custom Size.

This will take you to the Snoozer® E-warranty registration page – E Warranty Registration is a fresh start to help you register for your mattress warranties online. You can say goodbye to tons of papers and lost documents with warranty details and don’t worry about the dates that you don’t remember. With E-warranty registration, you’ll have everything in your hand in one online document.
Choosing an Orthopedic® mattress will be your best decision because it’s a comfy mattress that reduces subsequent turning and tossing, reduces the pressure points, and eliminates back pain with 1000s of coil springs that flex silently within the mattress to provide firm support to your spine and body contours.

Yes, because it spreads your bodyweight equally to prevent pain in your back, neck and hips. It works amazingly for back pain, alleviating stress and correct spinal alignment.

Made of luxuriously plush and soft natural latex Presidential Suite® Mattress will sink you in comfort and luxury. It’s known for providing undisturbed sleep to everyone who uses it.
It’s for the best sleep® experience when you return home after a long, tiring day at work. This mattress is meant to provide you with complete rejuvenation with its luxuriousness and plush comfort.
Posture Care® mattress is a perfect balance between the soft and medium-firm mattress that’s firm to touch yet flexible and comfortable to sleep on. The high-density foam in it provides freedom of movement and pressure relief. It helps you sleep at an outstanding sleep temperature that relaxes your body and mind. 

These are exclusive mattresses with a surface that reduces pressure points, allows you to flex silently by providing firm support to your spine and backbone. It’s designed with excellent craftsmanship and brilliant value.

We don’t process any refunds as our products are customized. However, there’s one-year full guarantee coverage against all the manufacturing defects.

Always remember when buying a mattress, softer is not better. Even firmer is not better. Testing your mattress is important to find the right size and comfort for yourself. Read the reviews before you make the purchase decision.

There’s no specific duration or absolute rules when it comes to the lifespan of a mattress, however, our mattresses last longer than 15 years because they’re top-notch and made with good quality foam and fabric.

Comparison is important especially when you’re about to make a purchase decision. If you compare the old mattresses to the new ones available in the market, you’ll see a huge difference in terms of fabric, comfort and techniques used in the making of these mattresses. However, with our mattresses, you’ll feel nostalgic yet luxurious.

Depends on the age of the child. Experts recommend that infants and toddlers must sleep on a firm mattress because they won’t be able to toss and turn at night themselves. A medium-firm mattress is apt for growing children as it can easily accommodate children of different weight groups. Children with lesser weight might prefer softer mattresses.

It totally depends on your requirements. Firm mattresses are the best for some people however many prefer soft and plush mattresses. Both the categories of mattresses are designed keeping in mind the pain points of the customers here.

Yes, it matters. Exercising and a balanced diet helps you achieve a healthy body and a good mattress helps you retain all the energy by providing you a good night’s sleep. Resting is an important factor when it comes to human health and it can be efficiently achieved with the help of a good mattress.

Most people replace a mattress after 6 or 8 years, but then it again depends on the type of mattress you’re using. You won’t have to replace the Snoozer® mattresses for around 10-15 years.