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How an Orthopedic® King Size Mattress Helps to Boost Your Sleep Quality

How an Orthopedic® King Size Mattress Helps to Boost Your Sleep Quality

Do you have back pains that make it hard to sleep at night? Do you wake up multiple times due to an uncomfortable mattress? An Orthopedic king-size mattress is the best answer to your problems. No more interruptions to your sleep. 

The right mattress can improve your sleep quality and give relief from body pains and insomnia. Here’s how an Orthopedic mattress can help. 

How Orthopedic King Size Mattress Boost Sleep Quality 

Spinal Support and Layers 

Our Orthopedic® mattress provides good support to the spinal cord, hips, and pelvic region. Spine alignment and body contouring let your muscles relax and help you wake up without body pains. When the mattress supports your lumbar region, it prevents the spine from curving in unnatural positions. Your muscles will relax instead of working overtime to ease the pressure on your spine and lower back. This leads to better sleep through the night. 

Additionally, the mattress has multiple layers to cushion your body weight as you toss and turn in your sleep. The hybrid mattress design combines memory foam layers, innerspring coils, and soft cotton to create a unique sleeping experience. It is comfort and support rolled into one. 

Relief on Pressure Points 

Orthopedic mattresses are designed to avoid pressing into the pressure points like the knees, shoulders, lower back, etc. This allows proper blood circulation throughout the body and relieves pain. Snoozer’s specially designed king size mattress with coils and foam layers will absorb your movements and flex seamlessly to support your neck, shoulders, and back. You won’t wake up in the middle of the night due to stiff joints or body pains. 

Ventilation/ Temperature Control 

Orthopedic® mattresses provide temperature control to regulate and maintain your body temperature when you sleep. This prevents your body from heating up and sweating excessively. The air pockets in the mattress layers collect and release air as you move. This ensures the mattress doesn’t get too hot or cold to sleep and prevents body pains due to excessive temperature. 

At the same time, the air pockets don’t make sounds or collapse under body weight. They are seamlessly incorporated into the design to adjust according to your movements as you change your sleep positions. No more discomfort to disturb your valuable sleep throughout the night.

Firmness and Comfort 

The firmness of a mattress is measured on a scale of 1 to 10, from softest to firmest. Medium to hard firmness is recommended to provide relief from back pain and have a good sleep. Snoozer’s Orthopedic king-size mattress has firmness ranging between 5 and 8 on the scale. Similarly, the mattress is comfortable to prevent sleep disruptions because of the soft top layer made of non-allergen and premium quality cotton. 

Size and Thickness 

It’s important to not compromise your sleep, especially if you have back or body pains or feel exhausted after a long day. That’s why we recommend a king size Orthopedic® mattress to help you relax and boost your sleep quality. Moreover, at Snoozer, we offer four measurements in king size in two thickness options (8 and 10 inches). We also build custom mattresses for our customers for given dimensions. 

A king-size mattress with 10-inch thickness is big enough for you to sleep on any side and not feel disturbed by your partner’s movement. The mattress will absorb your movements to minimize the disturbance, thus preventing sleep interruptions. 

Quality and Skin-Friendly Materials 

Our Orthopedic® mattress is made using premium quality materials to prevent skin allergies, itching, and infections. The topmost layer is made of 100% natural quilted cotton. We adhere to the GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) regulations when choosing the raw materials to manufacture the mattresses. No more waking up due to coughs, sneezes, or itching caused by allergic mattresses. You can lie on your stomach with your nose in the mattress and still have a good night’s sleep. 


Snoozer is one of the leading mattress brands in India, with a vast customer base. Our Orthopedic® mattress is the perfect choice to get relief from back pain and have a comfortable sleep through the night. 

The king size is suitable for people of all age groups and body types. With advanced technology, adaptive coil springs, and a luxurious top layer made of 100% quilted cotton, our mattresses are durable, user-friendly, and require very little maintenance. 

Get a 365-day home trial on every Snoozer Orthopedic® king-size mattress. 

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