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Why Should You Buy Handcrafted Mattresses Online: Benefits and Reasons

Why Should You Buy Handcrafted Mattresses Online Benefits and Reasons

The mattress plays a vital role in providing a good night’s sleep and improving your health. If you like to pay attention to details, you would naturally want to know where the mattress comes from and how it is made. Is it mass-manufactured on the assembly line, or it is lovingly handcrafted by artisans? 

When buying the best online luxury mattress, it is prudent to check the manufacturing process and make your final decision. For example, Snoozer is known for providing a range of handcrafted luxury mattresses for people with diverse needs. 

Let’s check out the benefits of purchasing a handmade mattress and why it is a worthy choice for comfort lovers. 

What is a Handcrafted Mattress?

A handcrafted mattress is primarily made by artisans. Though it still involves the use of machinery for cutting, layering, and stitching, the entire process is handled by experienced artisans. From choosing the raw materials to customizing the size and thickness, every step involves human touch and expertise. 

Handmade mattresses are not produced in bulk. They are crafted in limited pieces using natural and organic materials. The process is time-consuming but assures the value for the price and has a personal touch that cannot be replicated by machines. Luxury mattress brands in India like Snoozer are particular about selling handcrafted mattresses as they understand the importance of human expertise, supply chain transparency, and sustainability along with providing high comfort and luxury to consumers. 

Benefits of a Handcrafted Mattress 

There are several benefits of buying a handcrafted mattress. Some are health-related, while others are economy-based. 

 Buy Local (Made in India) 

Handcrafted mattresses are made in the country using raw materials sourced from the same land. This not only assures you of quality but also reduces your carbon footprint. The artisans will also belong to the same country, thus improving their living conditions through steady employment. Moreover, you will be promoting a home-grown mattress company. 

Hand Tufting for Bounce 

When a mattress has layers of different materials, it tends to flatten over time and lose its bounce. This is a common phenomenon. However, the bounce can be retained for a longer period by a process called hand tufting. The artisans arrange and stitch the filling in such a way that the mattress has the right compression to provide the necessary bounce for an extended period.  

 Hand-Side Stitching 

Luxury options like the Snoozer bed mattress have hand-side stitching, which is a complex and labor-intensive process. This is responsible for ensuring the mattress doesn’t fall flat when you sit or sleep on it. These stitches are mostly added to luxury and premium mattresses and may not be found in regular mattresses or the ones manufactured by machines.  

 Picking Quality Raw Materials 

Since handcrafting involves artisans physically touching the materials, the items used in such mattresses tend to be free of chemicals and have skin-friendly properties. Moreover, the artisans sort and remove materials of low quality and use only the best for the mattress. For example, Snoozer uses only certified organic cotton, wool, and latex instead of synthetic materials. 

 Attention to Detail 

No machine-made mattress can compete with a handcrafted mattress. That’s because the artisans pay attention to every detail, be it the raw materials, layering, tufting, or stitching. Unlike mass manufacturing, every handmade mattress gets the same level of attention and care. This increases the longevity of the mattress. 

Beautiful Designs 

Another benefit of a handcrafted mattress is the uniqueness of the design. Luxury mattress brands in India use minimalistic and attractive designs to make their mattresses more attractive and appealing. Some of these designs cannot be replicated by regular machine-made mattresses. 

Encouraging Skill and Experience 

Artisans are skilled workers with great talent. By purchasing handcrafted mattresses, you ensure the skill stays alive and is passed on to the next generations. As long as there is a demand for handcrafted mattresses, there will be job opportunities in the field, and more people can benefit from it. 

Environmental Concerns 

Mass manufacturing leads to pollution, raw material wastage, and excessive use of natural resources. However, Snoozer’s handcrafted mattresses are made in a zero-emission factory nestled in the pollution-free zone in Himachal Pradesh. Snoozer is GOTS-certified (Global Organic Textile Standards) and has certified partners to source the raw materials. 

Final Words 

Snoozer has the best online luxury mattresses handcrafted by expert artisans who the industry-wide quality standards. The mattresses are lovingly made in the Himalayas in a state-of-the-art factory spread over many acres. 

Many craftsmen and women work together to construct a mattress with natural and organic materials. Snoozer mattresses are luxurious, affordable, durable, and enhance your sleep. The company has a zero-emission certification and is one of the best luxury mattress brands in the market. 

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