How to Ensure the Longevity of Your Mattress - Tips for Care and Maintenance

How to Ensure the Longevity of Your Mattress – Tips for Care and Maintenance

How to Ensure the Longevity of Your Mattress - Tips for Care and Maintenance

A good night’s sleep can brighten the next day and make you feel energized throughout. This depends much on the mattress on your bed. An ideal mattress will help you sleep faster and allow the body to rejuvenate by promoting blood circulation and hormone production. In a way, the mattress is the most important part of your home. 

You agree, don’t you? 

Now, like everything else, the mattress also needs some DIY care to ensure its longevity. Do you want the mattress to last over a decade without becoming lumpy or flat? Do you want the mattress to feel fresh even after many years of use instead of releasing dust vapors when you sit on it? 

You’ve come to the right place. Here, we’ll discuss the various methods to increase the durability of your mattress. Sleep well on a well-cared mattress! 

How to Make Your Mattress Last Longer?

Mattresses can easily last longer with regular care and maintenance. While spring mattresses have a shorter life span, hybrid models with coil springs and latex are more durable. The brand also makes a difference. 

For example, Snoozer mattresses come with a fifteen-year warranty against spring and frame breakage from the date of delivery. This warranty applies to users who register their purchase on the company website. 

Maintenance is necessary despite the warranty as it determines the quality of your sleep during this period. A healthy mattress will reduce the risk of health concerns and promote better living. 

Regular Cleaning 

Cleaning is a must to keep your home tidy, isn’t it? The same goes for the mattress. Change the bed sheets and replace them with fresh ones. Wash the blankets and duvets at least twice a month (preferably once a week) to prevent dirt from accumulating on the bed. Make sure to dust the bed when you clean the bedroom. 

However, don’t beat the mattress with a stick or heavy object to get rid of the dust. This will damage the internal layers and make them lumpy. You should also clean the gaps between the mattress and the bed frame. Remove dust accumulated in the cotton lining on the edges and sides. Flip the mattress to clean the underside, as dust has a way of sneaking into unexpected places. 


An easy way to dust the mattress is to vacuum it. Do this at least once a month. Before you vacuum, strip the bedsheets and covers. Remove any objects that may have fallen onto the mattress (pins, pens, buttons, etc.) that may damage the vacuum cleaner. Then run it all over the mattress to remove the dust. Don’t use the blower as it will release the dust into the surroundings, which will again settle on the mattress. 

Use Mattress Cover/ Skirt 

A bed skirt or a mattress cover is a must-have element in the bedding kit. The mattress cover acts as a protective barrier between the bed sheet and the mattress. It prevents dust, sweat, dirt, stains, etc., from damaging the mattress. It’s easier to remove the cover and wash it once in a while instead of trying to ‘wash’ the mattress. 

Make sure to buy a mattress cover based on your climatic conditions. For example, people sweat more in humid and hot regions and need a cover that can absorb the sweat to prevent it from seeping into the mattress. 

Additionally, two types of mattress covers are available. One is a fitted sheet that covers the top surface, and another is a zipper model that acts like a pouch. The zipper cover is a better option if you worry about bed bugs and dust mites. 

Avoid Exposure to Excess Sunlight

We know the importance of airing a mattress to prevent smell. However, that doesn’t mean we let the mattress sit in direct sunlight for long hours. This will affect the colors and appearance of the mattress. Natural fabrics will fade and lose their shine when exposed to excess sunlight. The threads will also weaken over time. 

The best way to air a mattress is by leaving it in the open under a shade. Keep it away from traffic zones, as the mattress will absorb more dust. While air fresheners and perfumes are good, using them on the mattress may not be a good idea. The smell can be hard to remove for a long time. 

Follow the Manufacturer’s Flipping Instructions 

Mattresses are periodically flipped to ensure they don’t wear out in one direction and become uneven. However, the flipping requirements change from one mattress to another based on the make, model, materials, brand, etc. It’s for the best to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. 

Talk to a bed executive from the brand if the information is not provided or is unclear. If they say flipping is not required, ask whether the bed should not be flipped or if it’s just not mandatory. And if you do want to flip, what should be the frequency. 

No Jumping on the Bed 

This can be a tough rule to follow when you have kids. Children like nothing more than to jump on the bed. While brands like Snoozer design mattresses to handle such rough use to an extent, regularly jumping on the mattress will damage its layers. It can also weaken the bed frame and can lead to accidents and injuries. Moreover, it can void the warranty. A little discipline is good for the mattress! 

No Eating and Drinking on the Bed 

This is another hard rule to follow for people who like to have food on the bed or enjoy snacking as they snuggle on the bed covers and watch telly or read a book. However, there are good reasons to keep food and beverages away from the mattress. 

The first reason is stains, which are hard to remove. The second reason is crumbs of leftovers and splashes, which attract ants, fruit flies, bugs, etc. Next, the mattress will absorb the food and release a foul smell over time. It can lead to respiratory and skin allergies. 

And don’t smoke on the bed, either. Mattresses are flammable despite the safety precautions taken by the brands. Moreover, the smoke is easily absorbed by the mattress. You and your partner will have to breathe the toxic fumes, which can lead to issues like lung cancer. 

Spot Clean Stains Immediately 

No matter how many precautions you take, accidents happen. Even if you don’t eat on the bed, you (or someone else) may spill something by mistake. Since such events cannot be prevented, the best alternative is to take corrective steps immediately. Spot-clean the stains to remove them as soon as possible. 

However, refrain from using harsh chemicals or cleaning agents that can damage the mattress’s colors. For example, lemon is good at removing stains but should not be used on dark mattresses as it lightens the color. Instead, use a bit of baking soda, liquid soap, and water. Scrub tough stains using a soft toothbrush or a rough cloth to prevent damaging the threads. 

Do Not Dry Clean the Mattress

Always remember not to use dry cleaning agents on the mattress. It’s not a good idea to dry clean since the mattress cannot be washed. The chemicals are harmful to the mattress and will reduce its life span. You can use an eco-friendly upholstery shampoo to remove the stains. Sprinkle some baking soda and vacuum it after a few minutes. Baking soda absorbs bad smells from the mattress. 

Do Not Drag the Mattress

Mattresses have a cloth handle stitched on the side. However, this should not be used to lift or move the mattress. The handles are meant to get a better grip for minor shifting and adjustments. In all other instances, hold the mattresses on the sides or edges firmly and take the weight on your body. Excess pressure can rip off the handle and tear the mattress. Finally, don’t ever drag the mattress, even on smooth surfaces. You never know if it catches onto something and gets ripped. 

Give Pets Their Own Beds 

Pets love to cuddle with their human parents, be it on the carpet, couch, or bed. However, training your pets to use their beds for sleeping could be a more hygienic option for them and your family. No matter how much you take care of your pet, parasites can sneak into their hair and lay eggs. These eggs will slip into the creases and folds of the mattress and breed there. This can cause infections in animals and humans. 

Repair Broken Beds to Support the Mattress

Most mattresses are heavy and need strong bed frames to support the weight. And to top it, the bed also has to support the weight of people who sit/ sleep on the mattress. That’s why it is equally important to have a durable and sturdy bed frame. Regularly inspect the bed’s edges and bottom for cracks. Repair minor issues before they become bigger and result in accidents. 

Final Words 

The better the care, the longer the durability of a mattress. Cover the mattress when you go away on travels. Don’t fold, bend, or crush the mattress to squeeze it into smaller spaces. 

To ensure the mattress is not damaged during delivery, hand over the shipping responsibility to the seller. Snoozer offers one-week free delivery and setup across India. Place an order on the website or in our stores to get the mattress carefully installed at your home for no additional charge. 

Don’t miss out on the 365-day home trial on every purchase! Order your Snoozer mattress today. 

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