Find Your Ideal Snoozer Mattress

Find Your Ideal Snoozer Mattress

Find Your Ideal Snoozer Mattress

Sleep is an important part of our lives, one we cannot and should not ignore or avoid. The bed is not just a place to rest for a while but a support system. It supports your body and back as you sleep and aids in the rejuvenation process. An ideal mattress will help you fall asleep quickly and get more deep sleep where the body and mind heal. This makes you wake up refreshed and energized the next morning. 

Snoozer Mattresses have been providing an incomparable sleeping experience to many people. Our mattresses are of premium quality and designed to enhance your sleeping abilities and aid in improving your overall health to a good extent.  

However, you should pick the right mattress for your needs to get the best results. Here, we’ll discuss each type of Snoozer Mattress to help you choose the ideal one. 

Let’s get started! 

Why Snoozer Mattress 

Snoozer was officially founded in 1994 by manufacturing small batches of pocket coil mattresses in India. We grew over the years by catering to top-class five-star hotels and luxury resorts. In 2008, we entered the retail mattress market with a single aim- customers should experience luxury and comfort at home for affordable prices. 

Moreover, we also wanted to empower customers and help them understand the importance of investing in an ideal mattress based on their needs. No more confusing recommendations or sales personnel trying to offer too many suggestions. With Snoozer, you will get what is the best choice for you. 

Furthermore, Snoozer mattresses are lovingly handcrafted in the state-of-the-art factory spread over seven acres in Himachal Pradesh. To stay true to the pollution-free location, we follow zero-emission policies and have various certifications from international bodies. Snoozer mattresses have natural and high-quality materials to prevent allergic reactions. In short, Snoozer has everything and more you would want from a mattress. 

Types of Snoozer Mattresses 

A single type of mattress will not suit everyone’s requirements. Since we are diverse and have different body types, health issues, and personal preferences, we need mattresses that align with our specifications. Why should you compromise and buy a random mattress when you spend a third of your life in bed? 

Check out the four types of Snoozer mattresses, each handcrafted with care for different purposes. 

Orthopedic Mattress – Firm Back Support 

  • Medium to hard firmness
  • Eight and ten-inch thick mattresses 
  • Minimalistic design 
  • No partner disturbance 
  • Firm edges and sitting support 

Our hectic lifestyles have resulted in back pain concerns among a majority of the public. Though almost everyone suffers from back pain at least once, some time or another, it has become a part of life in some situations. Whether you are a senior citizen with depleting bone strength, someone with acute to chronic back pain, or a person recovering from spinal injuries, the right mattress can provide great comfort and relief. 

Snoozer Orthopedic mattress is the perfect choice for you. It has medium to high firmness and provides complete support to the lower back and lumbar region. The place where the spine meets the pelvic bone is called the lower back. This region takes a lot of pressure throughout the day, especially when you sit for long hours, drive in traffic, light weights, etc. Easing the pressure from this region will reduce back pain and allow you to sleep better. 

However, conventional Orthopedic mattresses are too hard. They don’t let the spine naturally curve in the lower back and put additional pressure on the lumbar region. So your muscles have to work overtime to ease the stress. This increases pain instead of reducing it. 

Snoozer Orthopedic has the appropriate level of firmness that supports the spine but also allows it to curve the way it should. This encourages the muscles to relax and increase blood circulation. Your body pains will slowly lighten as blood and oxygen circulate to all vital organs. You will also sleep better since the brain gets enough blood supply to produce sleep hormones. 

Instead of trying to find a comfortable position, you can relax and sink into a stress-free deep sleep. The Orthopedic mattress has firm coil support with multiple resilient layers to cushion your body. 

Posture Care Mattress – Body Contour 

  • Medium firmness
  • Minimalistic waterfall design 
  • Eight and ten-inch thick mattresses 
  • Firm edges and sitting support 
  • No partner disturbance 

Some people want a firm mattress but not the Orthopedic model, which can be too hard to fall asleep on. Posture Care has been designed for such requirements. It suits people of different ages and body types. The medium firmness ensures support for your body, no matter the posture. 

Whether you sleep on the side, curl into yourself like an embryo, or sleep on your stomach, the mattress will align with the body’s outline and provide natural support. It will neither put pressure on your body nor will it dip away and leave space between your body and the mattress, resulting in more pain and discomfort. 

Posture Care is one of our best-selling bed mattresses, as it combines the best of two worlds by being firm and soft at the same time. We have researched for a long and used our vast experience to design this mattress with adaptive coil springs. The coil springs are supported by several layers of other materials to cushion your body. 

The mattress provides spinal support when you sleep on your back. It eases the pressure on the lower back to promote better blood circulation and helps the muscles relax. When you sleep on the sides, the mattress will not dip or sink. It will gently align with your body shape as if cocooning you in a loving embrace. 

Posture Care is the right choice for people with active lifestyles, sportspersons, pregnant women (who need greater back and body support), etc. Many hotels also opt for this mattress as it is versatile and user-friendly. Your weight and body type don’t matter. Posture Care mattresses will adapt to your needs accordingly. 

Beauty Sleep Mattress – Plush Sleep Enhancer 

  • Low firmness 
  • Eight, ten, and twelve-inch thickness 
  • No partner disturbance 
  • Quilted cotton fabric 
  • 100% natural latex 
  • Unique waterfall design 

Some people just do not like firm mattresses. Even middle-level firmness can cause them discomfort. mattresses imply the utmost comfort and luxury to them. If you are one such person, Snoozer offers the Beauty Sleep model for you to try. This is a plush mattress designed to enhance your Beauty Sleep and make you feel happy as you wake up the next morning. 

Beauty Sleep is a soft and luxurious mattress made with 100% natural and certified latex and quilted cotton. The combination ensures basic support for the body but with a greater focus on comfort. It is a great choice for kids, young adults, and young couples. Moreover, the mattress is another preferred choice of five-star hotels. 

The intent in designing the Beauty Sleep mattress is to provide uninterrupted sleep and help the body recover from the day’s fatigue. Whether you sleep on your back or the sides, the mattress will support your weight without pressing into your body. It has multiple pocket springs at the core to absorb your movements if you toss and turn during sleep. The springs can also handle the excitement of kids who jump on beds. 

Many users said that they tossed less and changed their sleeping positions for the better by switching to Beauty Sleep mattresses. While the model is not suitable if you have back pain, it is perfect if you want to fall asleep quickly after getting into bed or simply relax after a hectic day. Moreover, the mattress has firm edges and sitting support despite the softness. 

Presidential Suite Mattress – Ultra Plush Luxury 

  • Ultra soft mattress 
  • Ten, twelve, and fourteen-inch thickness 
  • 100% natural and certified latex 
  • Adaptive coil spring 
  • No partner disturbance 
  • Subtle design 

You would have heard about beds so soft that they are fit for royalty. Remember the Princesses and the Pea fairytale from childhood? Well, while such beds sound delightful, they can also be smothering and overwhelming. It doesn’t feel good when you sink into a mattress and can’t breathe properly, right? 

That’s where our Presidential Suite mattresses stand apart from the rest. At Snoozer, we want our customers to find comfort and luxury without ignoring back support. After all, it’s of little use if the mattress gives you back pain you didn’t have earlier! 

We have designed the Presidential Suite to have adaptive pocket springs in the core to absorb pressure and movement. The core is supported on both sides by latex and cotton layers. The mattress has been rated the most luxurious latex model made with natural and certified materials. We don’t use synthetic latex that smells bad and gives allergic reactions. We use skin-friendly certified latex and organic cotton. 

Furthermore, unlike traditional luxury mattresses, the Presidential Suite doesn’t dip. It doesn’t turn the body into a hammock position where the shoulders and hips curve and feel pinched. Instead, the mattress very softly aligns with your body shape and feels like a fluffy cloud. It also supports the lower back and prevents back pain during sleep time. 

Many users have written glowing testimonials about the mattress. They compare it to the most luxurious beds in five-star hotels. This mattress lets you replicate the superior sleeping experience at home and enjoy a night full of happy sleep every day. Presidential Suite mattress is suitable for people of different ages though it may be too soft for senior citizens with existing back pain. 

Final Words 

Take your time to compare the firmness and important features of each Snoozer mattress and choose the ideal one. All our mattresses are durable and made with natural materials. The mattresses are easy to maintain and have enough air pockets to regulate body temperature. 

You can order Snoozer mattresses through our stores or the website. We accept online orders and offer one-week free delivery and setup across India. We also have a 365-day home trial on all our purchases. Check out the website or call us today for more! 

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