Tips and Tricks for Wholesome Sleep

Tips and Tricks for Wholesome Sleep

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There can never be too many articles about the importance of sleeping well. In this competitive world, we may prioritize achievements and success over our well-being, but taking good care of our health is necessary. And this begins by getting enough rest each day after working for countless hours in the day. 

Unfortunately, modern living has made it difficult to sleep for long hours. Even when we sleep, we may wake up multiple times or simply lie half-awake without drifting into deep sleep. Is there a way to overcome this problem and get quality sleep at night? 

Yes, of course! Here, we’ll check out the various ways to improve your sleep timings and quality, and thereby enhance your health. 

Why You Should Get More Hours of Deep Sleep

Sleep can be categorized into different stages – 

  • Light sleep is when you feel drowsy and slowly start to lose your train of thought and consciousness. Your heartbeat and breathing will slow down. 
  • The second stage of sleep lasts longer and is recurring throughout the night. The body temperature, heartbeat, and breathing lower further, and your muscles will relax. 
  • The third stage is called deep sleep, where the brain waves have the slowest frequency, and your body is fully relaxed. 

While all stages are important, deep sleep is vital as it promotes hormone production and helps the body repair itself. It also aids in better brain functioning and increases memory power. Even your cognitive skills (learning, driving, motor skills, etc.) will be improved through deep sleep. 

Research shows that an adult should sleep for at least seven hours per night and aim for a minimum of 20% deep sleep during this period. Lack of deep sleep can result in heart disease, diabetes, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, etc. 

Though your ability to have longer hours of deep sleep will reduce when you become older (60+), you can still improve your overall sleep quality by following the tips in the next section. 

Tips to Ensure Quality Sleep Every Night 

Premium-Quality Mattress 

No matter how many tips and tricks you follow, if the mattress isn’t suitable, you cannot fall asleep with ease or achieve the required amount of deep sleep. Start by replacing your mattress and choose a model that suits your requirements. For example, Snoozer is the best mattress brand in India, with premium quality mattresses for residential and hotel use. We have four types of mattresses for homeowners – Orthopedic, Posture Care, Beauty Sleep, and Presidential Suite, and two models for hotel use – Contract and Professional. 

If you need back support, opt for an Orthopedic mattress. Those who want back support but also a softer mattress will find Posture Care a better choice. Similarly, Beauty Sleep and Presidential Suite are for those who love soft, plush, and ultra-plush mattresses that make you feel as if you are sleeping in the clouds! 

Dim the Lights 

Our bodies produce a hormone called melatonin to aid with sleep. It is produced at night when the surroundings are dark, indicating that it’s time for rest. Bright lights in the bedroom before sleep can disrupt melatonin production and make it hard to fall asleep quickly. The lights on your alarm clock and smartphone can affect your sleep. These are especially dangerous for the eyes as they also have electronic magnetic frequencies, which stimulate the nervous system and prevent sleep. To avoid light from outside, drape blackout curtains that block external light and turn the room dark. 

Ideally, turn the bedroom dark for a few minutes before getting into bed. If you cannot sleep without a light, use night bulbs exclusively designed for such purposes. These nights are gentler, softer, and soothing. 

Ambiance and Comfort 

Another factor to consider is the bedroom’s ambiance. It should be designed for comfort and relaxation so that you feel the urge to sleep fast. Your bedroom has to be your haven, a place where you can forget your worries and drift into sleep without minimum distractions. Apart from investing in a Snoozer mattress, you can improve the room’s ambiance by using soothing bed covers and blankets, fluffy pillows, and gentle artwork/ décor on the walls. Allow cross breeze and ventilation to avoid stale air in the room. 

Purify the Air/ Aroma Therapy 

It’s not always possible to open the windows and allow fresh air inside. In such instances, you have to rely on artificial air fresheners to do the job. However, some of us are sensitive to synthetic smells released by chemical components in commercial air fresheners. 

Luckily, there are natural alternatives to use. Think of aroma therapy instead. Organic scented candles are a good option, though you cannot use them always. Buy a diffuser and add a few drops of natural oils like lavender, neroli, bergamot, cedarwood, peppermint, marjoram, sandalwood, chamomile, etc. You can even consume a cup of chamomile or peppermint tea to sleep well. 

Non-Toxic Plants 

Houseplants are also good at purifying the air inside and releasing more oxygen by absorbing carbon dioxide. Studies show plants like areca palm can decrease breathing-related health disorders and improve air quality. This plant also filters xylene and toluene from the air and can be used as an outdoor and indoor plant. 

However, make sure you do your research and buy non-toxic indoor plants for the bedroom. Some plants release toxic gases, which can cause adverse health issues and lead to breathing concerns. 

No-VOC Wall Paint 

VOC stands for volatile organic compounds. These components release chemical fumes for many months and affect our health. For example, when you apply VOC paint on the walls, the paint releases invisible chemical fumes for eighteen months. This evaporation process is called off-gassing. When we breathe in these fumes, they can disrupt our respiration and also harm other organs. 

Fortunately, many brands now offer low or no-VOC wall paints to be eligible for the ‘green’ label. Paint the bedroom (and house) walls with environment-friendly paint, as it can reduce the negative impact on your sleep and health. The same rule applies to carpets in the bedroom. Carpets also release fumes, which can affect your breathing. 

Noise Reduction/ White Noise 

The disadvantage of living in cities is that someone is always awake and on the roads. Noise is constant and annoying, especially when we are trying to sleep. On the contrary, some people cannot sleep without some sort of steady, rhythmic noise. Depending on your needs, you can either soundproof the bedroom or buy a white noise machine. Include a sleep mask and earplugs to complete the ensemble. 

Natural Bedding 

Do you know that the materials used in the mattress and bedcovers can also affect your sleep? Snoozer uses only natural and organic cotton, wool, and latex to prevent chemical reactions and allergies. 

If you feel itchy or sneeze often after getting into the bed, the problem lies with the bedding materials and bedcovers. Opt for cotton or silk covers based on the weather conditions and your geographical location. Buy branded mattresses like Snoozer that guarantee skin-friendly bedding and top layers. 

No Electronic Devices 

This is a hard rule to follow but has to be implemented if you want good sleep. When we lie on the bed and watch TV or scroll through the phone, the blue light disrupts melatonin production and affects the brain. No matter how tired we are, we cannot fall asleep easily. 

Stop using phones and other electronic devices twenty minutes before sleep time to achieve fast and deep sleep. Resist the urge to check your phone when you wake up in the middle of the night. Since we cannot leave our phones elsewhere, keep them a few feet away from the bed (and not right beside your head). 

Final Words 

Hydration is another factor to consider, so keep a glass/ bottle of water beside the bed and sip a little whenever you wake up. With careful planning, you can have a wholesome sleep every night and wake up refreshed the next morning.

Check out Snoozer mattresses to buy the best bedding that facilitates high-quality sleep now and always. Our mattresses are easy to maintain and last for more than a decade. Place your order on our website or visit our brick-and-mortar stores. We provide a 365-day home trial and free one-week delivery across India. 


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