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Why You Need to Sleep Well to Live Well?

Why You Need to Sleep Well to Live Well

Do you know you have to sleep well to live your best? In our fast-paced world, we are so intent on achieving great things that sleep and well-being are pushed to a corner. Life goes well until the body can no longer tolerate the lack of sleep and attention and breaks down. 

You can avoid many health concerns from becoming severe by maintaining a healthy sleep schedule. The mattress plays a crucial role in this. It’s vital to sleep on a bed that supports your body, especially the lower back and spine, to keep the dreaded back pain at bay. While everyone suffers from back pain at least once in their lifetime, investing in a good mattress can prevent it from being a constant unwanted companion. 

In this blog, we’ll read more about how back pain occurs, what you can do to minimize it, and the advantages of buying the best mattress for lower back support

Causes of Back Pain – A Brief Summary 

Back pain can be caused due to various reasons. Desk jobs with little or no movement are a common reason. Injuries, accidents, heavy weightlifting, childbirth, over-exercising, old age, weak nervous system, weight gain, stress, etc., are other causes of back pain. Statistics say around 80% of people suffer from back pain at some time or another. 

Though the mattress will not eliminate back pain, it can provide much-needed relief when lying down to rest. This helps the body relax and have a good night’s sleep. Many doctors recommend changing the mattress to a firmer model to tackle back pain. The other treatments vary based on the cause. 

The best mattress brands in India, like Snoozer, have exclusive mattresses, Orthopedic and Posture Care, to help get relief from back pain and maintain a good posture. 

Back pain is usually caused when one of the following is affected –

  •         Cervical spine
  •         Thoracic spine
  •         Lumbar spine
  •         Sacrum and coccyx

Back pain can be specific at one point, like the lower back, or spread over the back and into a leg. The intensity of back pain is categorized into three types: 

  •         Acute- starts suddenly and can last for a few days or weeks 
  •         Subacute- starts slowly or suddenly and can last for a month or four
  •         Chronic- starts slowly or quickly and lasts for many months, occurring daily 

Lumbago is the sudden sharp pain you experience in the lower back. It is felt when you make a wrong movement that puts excess pressure on the spine and lumbar region. Sometimes, you may wake up with lumbago if you don’t get enough rest or if the mattress is not suitable to support the spine. 

Disk injuries are another cause of chronic back pain. Disks are located between the vertebrae and have three components – an outermost ligament, a ring of cartridge, and a soft jelly-type core. These allow the disks to absorb shocks/ jerky movements and prevent the spinal bones from being damaged. However, the cartilage weakens over time and becomes more prone to injuries. When the disks can no longer absorb shocks as before, they end up causing pain. Our lifestyle habits like smoking and alcohol consumption can also hurt the disks. 

One way to ease the pressure of the disks is lying on a firm mattress. When the mattress aligns with the spine, it removes pressure on the lower back and disks. This promotes proper blood flow and relieves pain. That’s why they say having a night of uninterrupted sleep can reduce back pain and make you feel a lot better the next morning. 

Soft Beds for Hard Days TM. Because at the end of the day, it’s all about a good night’s sleep.

Is Long-Term Rest Counterproductive? 

While doctors and physiotherapists recommend bed rest to recover from back pain, there is indeed such a thing as too much rest. The human body is not meant to be idle for long. It has been scientifically proven that excess rest can delay the recovery process. Moreover, if you sleep on the wrong mattress, it will aggravate the condition. 

Instead, you should rest on the best mattress for lower back support, like Snoozer Orthopedic. Get your seven hours of sleep every night on the mattress. This will allow the body to heal itself. You will soon notice a positive difference and feel happier each morning as you wake up. 

So, focus on getting quality sleep every night on a proper mattress that supports your spinal cord and lower back. 

Reasons to Sleep Your Best Every Night 

Getting relief from back pain is not the only advantage of sleeping well. There are many benefits when you get enough rest at night after working all day. Here are a few: 

Energetic Performance All Day 

Research shows athletes who sleep a minimum of ten hours each night deliver better performance. That’s because sleep promotes the production and release of growth hormones, which stimulate muscle development and bone building and accelerate recovery from injuries. The brain also consolidates new information and helps strengthen memory and retention power. Your brain will be active even as you sleep. It will continue to practice and access what you learned that day. That’s why it is vital to sleep well during examinations. Be it students, sportspersons, employees, homemakers, etc., everyone will feel the difference when they wake up after a long night of quality sleep.  

Maintain Ideal Weight 

Do you know that irregular sleeping habits and lack of sleep can result in erratic weight gain? When the body doesn’t get enough sleep, it affects the metabolism and leads to hormonal imbalance. This will further affect your system in many ways and lead to overeating, stress, anxiety, body pains, etc. 

For example, when the body doesn’t get enough sleep, it makes us crave fatty foods. It also makes us feel hungrier than usual, prompting greater consumption. This ultimately leads to weight gain, obesity, and other concerns like an increased risk of heart attack, high blood pressure, etc. However, getting enough sleep at night regularly will reduce the risk of metabolic imbalance and help maintain body weight. 

Active and Sharp Mind 

Good sleep not only improves your physical performance but also boosts your brain power. The mind and body have to work in sync to lead normal lives. That said, many of us don’t pay attention to how much pressure we put on our minds day in and day out. Lack of sleep makes us irritable, forgetful, lazy, and dull. It also leads to delayed reflexes and cognitive disorders. The brain will lose its alertness and become sluggish. We increase caffeine intake to overcome this problem but that leads to other health issues. 

A better and recommended method to improve brain activity and alertness is to sleep for eight hours every night. Buy yourself a Snoozer mattress, one of the best mattress brands in India, to start taking care of your health. Many people underestimate the importance of a good mattress. If you don’t like the mattress, you will unconsciously delay your sleep time and not get enough rest. But if you like the mattress, you will want to rest on it and follow a sleep routine. 

Great Skin and Appearance 

There’s a reason the term Beauty Sleep became so popular. Sleep can indeed make you look and feel beautiful. When you have undisturbed deep sleep, the body stimulates the production of collagen, which is necessary for skin health. Collagen repairs skin damage, improves skin elasticity and helps maintain a youthful and fresh appearance. 

Instead of covering your dark circles and undereye bags with makeup, you can have naturally glowing skin by sleeping well every night. While good sleep is not the only requirement for great skin, it is one of the necessary components. Combine it with adequate water intake, a healthy diet, and workouts to become radiant and youthful from inside and outside. Supplements can help only a little when the body cannot relax long enough to rejuvenate. 

 Longer Life Span 

You need to sleep well to live long. Yes, that’s a scientifically proven fact. Following a healthy sleep routine will give you good returns for many years. Lack of sleep reduces immunity and makes the body more prone to illness. It affects various organs and causes all kinds of trouble. 

Sleep allows your brain to run its cleansing routine. This keeps stress hormones in check, prevents high blood pressure, and streamlines other bodily activities. Not getting proper sleep over time can result in obesity, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, etc., which eventually result in a shorter life span. It’s also important to sleep at night when the body naturally produces melatonin. 

Tries and Tested Ways to Achieve Good Night’s Sleep  

When proper sleep has so many benefits, you should make an extra effort to follow a healthy sleep routine. Here are a few ways to do so: 

 Investing in an Appropriate Mattress

Buy Snoozer’s Orthopedic model, the best mattress for lower back support to get relief from back pain and have quality sleep throughout the night. The mattress aligns with your body contour and stimulates blood circulation by allowing the muscles and nerves to relax. No more tossing and turning on a lumpy bed. 

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Redesigning the Bedroom 

Give your bedroom a makeover to make it conducive for sleeping. Soft and pale-colored wall paints are more soothing than vibrant shades. Use blackout curtains to turn the room dark at night. Avoid strong scents if you use an air freshener. In short, the bedroom should make you feel relaxed and peaceful.

Avoiding Distractions 

While many people have TVs in the bedroom, it is not recommended if you have trouble with sleep. The same goes for electronic devices like laptops, computers, etc. These can distract you from your sleep and disrupt the cycle. 

Focusing on Your Sleep 

Try not to think about anything stressful before sleep time. Avoid triggers that can make you feel anxious, depressed, or fearful. Instead, think about how much you would like to sleep and unwind after a long day. 


Sleeping well is a sure way to minimize the risk of back pain and many other health concerns. The first step to achieve this is to buy a reliable mattress made with premium-quality, allergen-free natural materials. As one of the best mattress brands in India, Snoozer provides a variety of mattresses to suit a diverse customer base. 

Our mattresses are preferred by many popular 5-star hotel chains in the country. Our mattress range is comfortable, luxurious, durable, and cost-effective. We also offer one-week free delivery and setup with a 365-day home trial on each mattress. 

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