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Which Type of Mattress is Best for Your Body

Which Type of Mattress is Best for Your Body

Picking the perfect mattress requires a bit of work. You should first understand your body type, sleep position, etc. Then, know the different types of mattresses and their materials. Finally, you align these two aspects and choose the mattress that’s the best fit for your needs. 

Don’t worry if it sounds complex. We have simplified it for you in this post. Read to find out which mattress suits your body and how to choose the best mattress for back support and comfort to enjoy quality sleep. 

Types of Mattresses 

Memory Foam 

A memory foam mattress doesn’t have coils and provides greater body contour, motion isolation, and pressure relief. It is more suitable for side sleepers. 


Coil springs are the core of this mattress and take the weight of sleepers, along with a few other supportive layers. The bed feels bouncier and has limited motion isolation. 


Latex beds are breathable, durable, and bouncy. However, choose only the best brand for mattress that use 100% certified natural latex materials. Artificial latex can cause allergies. 


A hybrid model combines two or more materials and is more versatile. It is comfortable, supportive, durable, and offers the best of everything. 

How a Mattress Affects Different Body Types 

There are many body types like pear, inverted triangle, rectangle, hourglass, apple, etc. The pressure points vary for each type due to the differences in the shoulder width, hip width, waist size, etc. 

Lighter Weight

People who weigh less than 68 kg will find it comfortable to sleep on a memory foam mattress with soft to medium firmness. The firmness depends on your comfort level and back pain. Those with back pain should opt for medium firmness. Those who prefer luxurious sleep can choose a plush mattress. Excess firmness can put pressure on the spine and give you a backache. 

 Moderate Weight 

If you weigh between 68 and 90 kg, you will need a medium-firm mattress with a strong core. The best part is that you can easily go for a hybrid mattress or a latex one, depending on your preferences. The only consideration is that the mattress should not be extra plush, as it can feel suffocating when you toss and turn in your sleep. 

Heavier Weight 

If you weight over 90 kg, you need a medium to firm mattress with coil springs. A firm mattress can support you better than a softer mattress. However, not everyone likes to sleep on a hard mattress. Hence, choose a model with a soft top layer to cushion your body. This provides the required balance between comfort and body support to ensure good sleep throughout the night. 

All Weights and Body Types 

What if you want a mattress that supports different weights and body types? After all, mattresses used by families have more than one person sleeping on them. In such instances, a hybrid mattress with coil springs and latex/ memory foam is a good choice for versatility. However, pay attention to the firmness levels, as it can have a long-lasting impact on your health. 

Mattress Firmness Levels, Body Types, and Sleep Positions 

Mattresses have firmness rated on a scale of 1 to 10, from soft to firm. 

Mattress with firmness ratings 2 and 3 (ultra plush and plush) are suitable for side sleepers weighing less than 60 kg.

Mattresses with ratings 4, 5, and 6 (medium soft, medium, and medium firm) are suitable for side sleepers weighing between 60 and 100 kg. The medium mattress is also suitable for back sleepers.

Mattresses with 7, 8, and 9 ratings (firm and extra firm) are meant for people over 100 kg. While the firm mattress supports back and stomach sleepers of lesser weight, the extra firm models are comfortable for back and stomach sleepers. 

Side Sleepers 

Side sleepers with pear-shaped body types will experience greater pressure on the outer side of the hip. Those with an inverted triangle shape will feel pressure on the outer shoulder, and people with hourglass figures have both areas as pressure points. All side sleepers need soft to medium mattresses to align with the body contour. 

Back Sleepers

Back sleepers need a mattress that supports the back without pressing into the lower spine or sinking under their weight. A medium firmness rating suits them irrespective of their body type. However, you can add an extra top layer for softness. 

Stomach Sleepers 

Stomach sleepers need a mattress that keeps their body straight and aligned without pressing into the pressure points. A firm mattress will support the hips and keep them elevated for proper blood flow. 


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