Why is sleep important for a good life? Snoozer® mattress

Why is sleep essential for living a quality life

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Sleep is of paramount importance in our daily life, as it is time for the internal organs that have been working all day to rest. Getting enough sleep is vital for maintaining a healthy life and is equally important as diet and exercise. People who lack a good night’s sleep lack concentration, and are poor in cognition and concentration, as reported in the Journal of Psychiatry. Short and inadequate sleep cycles are the strongest risk factors for obesity and other ailments involving the heart and the brain.

What isolates you from your good night’s sleep?

Sleep is an essential everyday function that enables our body and mind to recharge. It helps us to stay alert and refreshed. But getting sound and undisturbed sleep is not easy for everyone, given the stressful and busy life that we live in. Most people work late in the night as they can work without any disturbance during this time and cut on their sleep duration. For others, spending time on their mobile phones and social media pages seems very important than tucking them in the bed.

Now that the OTT platforms have become very popular and there are series available to last for years, most people have made the habit of sleeping past midnight every day. According to experts, this is a very dangerous trend that could result in a series of health issues for this generation. Sleeping for fewer hours every day impairs Natural Latexand concentration during the day and could also impair heart and brain functions.

Ways to get adequate sleep every day:

It is high time that people realize the importance of a good night’s sleep that lasts for at least 6 to 8 hours. Relax your mind and body before tucking yourself to bed, put away the phone, and switch off the television, to prepare your mind to sleep. Have a warm milk drink before bed and switch off all disturbing lights. But most of us do this as an everyday exercise before sleeping, but still, find it hard to sink in sleep immediately. Then the culprit is your bed, probably you are not using a premium quality mattress to rest your body.

The quality of the mattress that you use on your cot plays a pivotal role in establishing a deep and undisturbed sleep throughout the night. We spend about 1/3rd of the day in the bed, but we don’t give our mattress as much importance as we give to the vehicle we drive or the phone we use. For most of us, a luxury mattress is what we see in movies or use in hotels. When it comes to our bedroom, we settle for some cheap quality mattress, under the prejudice that it is just meant for the night. 

But the best luxury mattress in your bedroom could be a lifesaver as it not just motivates you to get on to the bed, but also preserves and maintains your sleep all through the night. The luxury mattress is made with adequate foam and action that supports your backbone and the entire body for a good night’s sleep. It enhances your mood and helps you wake up fresh and happy the next day.

Find the best luxury mattress for your bedroom:

Choose a Snoozer® luxury mattress for a good night’s sleep and fresh mornings every single day. Being the best mattress in India it offers several sleep benefits along with firm support and comfort. They offer the best level of support to every single part of the sleeping body, comforting all its natural contours. It supports the lumbar curve of the spine, muscles of the back, and the rib cage, cuddling you in the most comfortable sleep position. You can now shop the Snoozer® luxury mattress online as well as Snoozer’s® flagship studios in Mohali, Gurgaon & Bangalore.
The snoozer® luxury mattresses have a high count with ample individual pocket placed inside the mattress. Also, they are made from natural fillings and their top cover is made from high-quality cotton, to wick away moisture from the body. The mattresses are hypoallergenic, long-lasting, and biodegradable. You can choose to buy a mattress online and gift yourself the benefit of lasting sleep and rest every single day. Above all Snoozer® offers its satisfaction guarantee on all its mattresses and protects your purchase for years.

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