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According to common knowledge, mattresses should be replaced every 5–10 years. Of course, things aren’t quite that easy. You may find lots of mattresses that are older than 10 years yet still provide a comfortable night’s sleep. It’s also true that some mattresses that are less than five years old have already degenerated to the point where they can’t provide the necessary support and comfort for a good night’s sleep. That being said, what is the recommended frequency for mattress replacement?
To help you decide if it’s time to get a new mattress, Snoozer® gives you a list of things to look at instead of just a range of years.
Signs Of Wear And Tear
Remove your sheets, mattress pad, and mattress protector, as well as any additional layers between you and the mattress. Take a few moments to inspect the bed carefully. Is it beginning to show signs of wear and tear?Is there a lumpiness to it? Is there sagging where you and your companion sleep? Does it seem broken or old? Are there any coils that are showing? Indicators like these should serve as a wake-up call to replace your bed. It’s likely that the mattress’ comfort level may decrease as its components deteriorate. Approximately how often must this kind of check be performed? Every six to eight months, you should rotate your mattress 180 degrees to increase its lifespan. This is also a good opportunity to inspect it for any signs of wear and tear.
The Gain Or Loss Of Weight
When you experience significant fluctuations in your weight, you may find that your old bed is no longer comfortable. A person of lesser weight will perceive a mattress to be firmer than one of greater weight. A bed with greater structure is ideal for heavier people. We classify snoozers into the following sizes:
1. Lightweight (less than 59 kg)
2. Medium Weight (59-113kg)
3. Heavyweight (over 113 kg)
If you’ve just gone through a significant weight loss, it may be time to upgrade your mattress to one that better supports your new frame.
Sleep Quality
Did you have a painful night? Stiff? Maybe you’re suffering from a bad back. Do you sense your partner’s every shift from the opposite side of the bed? All of these indicate that it may be time for a new mattress. Mattresses may lose their sleeping quality gradually over time due to a loss in the structural integrity of the support and comfort components. Change your mattress if you’ve noticed that you’re waking up in pain, even if you didn’t have it before bed.
To be clear, if you’re not getting a good night’s sleep on your current mattress, it doesn’t matter how new or well-maintained it is. If you’re going to be in agony, it shouldn’t be when you’re spending so much time on a mattress.

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You Sleep Better Elsewhere
Do you have a marked improvement in your quality of sleep when you sleep on a bed different from the one in your own house, such as a hotel bed? This may be an indication that your current mattress is inadequate. If you find that you sleep better in another room, it may be time to shop for a new mattress.
Your Mattress Is Older Than Five Years.
This isn’t the only factor to consider when determining whether to replace your mattress, but it’s a significant one. Once a mattress reaches the five-year mark, it’s important to start paying closer attention to its condition. At least once every six to twelve months, you should review your answers to the preceding questions. Your mattress should be replaced if you are unable to get comfortable on it, if it is showing signs of wear and tear, or if it is preventing either you or your spouse from getting enough sleep.
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