Snoozer's Presidential Suite Mattress and its Benefits - India’s oldest sleep luxury mattress company

Snoozer’s Presidential Suite Mattress and its Benefits

Snoozer's Presidential Suite Mattress and its Benefits

There’s no such thing as too much luxury when it comes to mattresses. You and your family deserve every bit of the rest and comfort provided by an ultra-plush mattress. The Presidential Suite mattress is a perfect combination of soft layers and back support to maintain a healthy sleeping position and protect your spine. Moreover, the mattress is handcrafted by one of the leading bed mattress companies in India. 

You don’t have to take our word for it. Check out the features of the Presidential Suite® Mattress and find out what benefits it offers to users. Read on! 

Features of Presidential Suite Mattress


Minimalistic Design 

The mattress’s design is not unnecessarily complicated. It is elegant and has a minimalistic waterfall design to enhance comfort and breathability. It also maintains the body temperature and prevents the mattress from being too hot or cold. 

100% Certified Natural Latex 

As the best mattress company, Snoozer is particular about the quality of materials used in the mattress. The Presidential Suite® Mattress is made using 100% certified natural latex for greater breathability. The material also provides more relief from body pains. The mattress is hypoallergenic and more durable due to the high quality of materials used for the layers. 

Advanced Spring Coil Support 

Many people are wary of ultra plush mattresses as these can be too soft, resulting in an unnaturally curved spine. This hurts the shoulders, neck, and lower back. However, the Presidential Suite mattress has spring coils in the bottom layers to provide support and increase stability. The coils flex silently to keep the top layers from sinking and ensure better back support. 

 Extra Bouncy 

The beds in 5-star hotels are plush and bouncy, right? You can experience the same at home with the Presidential Suite mattress. It has several layers carefully arranged to deliver the extra bounce when you sit or sleep on it. 

Multiple Thickness Options 

The mattress is available in three thickness options – 10-inch, 12-inch, and 14-inch. You can also place an order for a customized size and thickness. By keeping the minimum thickness at ten inches, the Presidential Suite mattress offers guaranteed comfort and luxurious sleep every day for years together. 

 Firm Edges and Surface 

Another issue people face with plush mattresses is the lack of support when sitting. The mattress sinks when you sit on the edges, making it hard to get up quickly. However, the Presidential Suite® Mattress has taken care of this issue as well. The edges and the top surface have the right firmness to provide comfortable seating and fast movement without feeling hard or pressing into the skin. 

Benefits of Presidential Suite Mattress

What makes the Presidential Suite mattress a worthy choice for homeowners? Check the benefits listed below: 

 Happy Sleep 

Is there anything better than quality sleep throughout the night? That’s the biggest advantage of this mattress. With a super soft top layer, advanced spring coils, and natural materials, the mattress is luxurious, highly comfortable, and a delight to sleep on. It maintains the body temperature and keeps you refreshed. 

No Partner Disturbance 

Does your partner toss and turn a lot during sleep? Do the kids move around in their sleep? You won’t be disturbed by their movements even when you are on the same bed. The Presidential Suite mattress absorbs the movements to minimize disturbance and promote uninterrupted sleep. 


When a mattress is crafted with quality materials, it will naturally last longer than other brands, won’t it? The Presidential Suite® Mattress can easily last a decade or more with regular maintenance. It also continues to provide the same level of comfort for over seven years of usage. 

No Body Pains 

Unlike the conventional luxury mattresses, the Presidential Suite model doesn’t create a hammock-like shape by being too soft and sinking under your weight. It maintains the necessary firmness and aligns with your body contour, no matter your sleeping position. This reduces the risk of body pains in the morning. 

Worth the Price 

Snoozer mattresses are totally worth the price due to the comfort, durability, breathability, and support they provide. It is a long-term investment that will continue to deliver results for years. Moreover, you can request a home trial before making the purchase. It costs just Rs. 111/- for every good night’s sleep. 

Buy Online and Offline 

Presidential Suite is the best online luxury mattress with free home delivery and setup anywhere in India. The mattresses will be carefully delivered to your doorstep in a week and arranged inside your home as required. You can also buy it from brick-and-mortar stores in your region. 


Snoozer is a top mattress brand in the country with years of experience in handcrafting high-quality mattresses with natural materials. The Presidential Suite Mattress replicates the luxurious experience of a 5-star hotel bed and improves the quality of sleep. 

Place your order today and enjoy the benefits of sleeping on an ultra-plush mattress!

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