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Signs That Your Mattress Is Too Firm

Mattress Firmness

There is a difference between a supportive mattress and one that is too firm. Finding the ideal product is like walking a tightrope; you need a robust sleeping surface that is yet just supple enough to encourage a restful night’s sleep. When does a mattress get too firm, though? When your mattress is excessively firm, it may cause back and neck pain, so the experts at Snoozer® Mattress have put up five guidelines to help you determine whether it’s time to shop for a new one.

Do you have pain in your back, neck, or shoulders when you wake up?
All of us are familiar with the feeling of waking up with a little soreness in the back or neck. Minor aches and pains are often the result of tossing and turning or sleeping in an unusual posture, but they often subside by morning. When you wake up with more back, neck, or shoulder pain, it’s a clear sign that your mattress is too firm for your needs, especially if the problem happens every night.
Do You Wake Up Tired Every Morning?
Have you ever been to bed early and yet felt tired in the morning? It’s possible that you had a good night’s sleep while having no recollection of tossing and turning. Even if it’s just subconsciously, a too-firm mattress might make it difficult to fall asleep and keep you awake. You probably need a softer mattress if you often wake up feeling exhausted even if you went to bed hours before.
You Can't Sleep at Night or You Wake Up Frequently
Losing sleep is the worst possible way to spend the night. Still unable to find a restful posture, time continues to pass. Keep track of how frequently you have periods of restlessness and sleeplessness, since these might be indicators of underlying anxiety, stress, or concern. Regular insomnia is a clear sign that your mattress is too firm for your preferences. It’s time to get a new mattress, and ideally one with a softer firmness level.
It Doesn't Adjust Overnight To Your Body's Unique Contours

Any mattress that has been correctly fitted will have some give to it. If you lie down, you should wake up to a shallow imprint about the size of your body. An indicator of a too-rigid mattress is the absence of a footprint when rising from it. And what is the end result? experiencing any of the aforementioned aches, pains, or restlessness.

You Try Out A New Place To Sleep And Find That There Is An Immediate Change
Over time, the minor discomforts associated with sleeping on a mattress that is too firm may become less noticeable. Experimenting with sleeping on a new mattress for one night will help you determine whether or not the one you currently use is too firm. If you have no aches or pains when you wake up and feel completely refreshed, it may be time to shop around for a new mattress.
What to Do If Your Mattress Is Too Hard

If you’ve concluded that your bed is excessively firm, the next step is to shop around for something more comfortable. We have Orthopedic® Mattress which is a comfort sleep mattress and will not let any pressure build on your joints. If you visit Snoozer®, the sales staff will assist you in finding the best mattress for your requirements. We’ll make sure you leave with the perfect mattress and a good night’s sleep with Snoozer®!

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