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Weightless Support

Right Support for the Right Sleep!

Nothing beats a comfortable bed and a quiet room to drift off in for a restful night’s sleep. Your mental health and physical health both suffer without a good night’s sleep. Our minds and bodies are both affected by the hurried lifestyle and long, stressful hours we put in every day.
Those who spend their days sitting at a computer are all too familiar with this. However, in order to alleviate the strain that stress places on our bodies and minds, each of us needs and deserves comfort for both our minds and our bodies. Proper, uninterrupted sleep is essential for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. That’s why it’s important to invest in a high-quality mattress for your bedroom; it’ll provide you with the relief you need after a long day.
The numerous layers that make up a quality mattress serve to support not just the mattress itself but also your body, keeping it stable and comfy throughout the night. The comfort layer, located at the very top of a mattress, is one of the three essential layers that make up a quality mattress. Underneath, it should have the centre cushioning followed by a support layer. The combination of these layers will provide the necessary relaxation and support.
Not only can sleeping well on a comfortable mattress contribute to a more restful and rejuvenating sleep, but it also assists with a variety of other health factors. In addition, the worldwide climate today causes most of us to be physically inactive, which is bad news for your back and body. A quality mattress can give the ideal level of support for a good night’s sleep and a refreshed morning. The following are the benefits of a quality mattress that provides support and comfort to your body:
Emotional and cognitive strain
We pick up a number of sources of stress during the day, both consciously and unconsciously. When it builds up to the point where you have to carry it to bed with you, it begins to weigh on your mind. It can be made worse by sleeping on a mattress that is too firm or too unsupportive. Because of this, your level of subconscious tension increases, which in turn increases your feelings of anxiety, stress, and inactivity.
Back Pain
We rely on our backs to carry us whether we’re engaging in good or harmful behaviours, and back discomfort is something that sleep may help reduce and even eliminate. You should treat your back with the same tender loving care you give the rest of your body, or you risk developing chronic stress. A mattress that doesn’t work for you might also add to the stress and health risks you’re already exposed to. The right mattress for your body type will help alleviate your back pain and get your spine back to a healthy state.
Body Aches & Pains
Have you ever woken up feeling achy all over, or experienced sudden pain throughout your body? This is how a poor mattress affects your physical well-being as you sleep. Since you are entirely at ease, a stiff or overly soft mattress might cause these joints to be overstretched or cause you to sit in an awkward position. There will be discomfort for days, and your mattress will make matters worse. However, the right mattress will provide you with enough support and comfort to alleviate all of your body aches and pains.
Choose Snoozer®

If you’ve been searching high and low for a genuine Orthopedic® mattress to ease that bothersome back ache or discomfort, go no further than Snoozer’s Orthopedic® Mattress Range.

Snoozer® uses pure foam and coil springs, both of which are manufactured in-house, to create its Orthopedic® mattresses. The extra parts that go into making the 8-inch and 10-inch Snoozer Orthopedic® Mattresses are also of the highest quality.
These mattresses promote a peaceful night’s sleep by cradling the body, giving personalised support, modifying posture, and relieving strain on the spine.

The Orthopedic® mattresses sold by Snoozer® have been tried and tested by leading medical professionals, and come with their highest recommendations. If you suffer from back discomfort, you shouldn’t worry since sleeping on a Snoozer®
is the best possible solution.

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