Box Spring Bed

Sleep like in a luxury hotel, on box spring beds by Snoozer.

The secret to heavenly sleep comfort is a Box Spring Bed. You will find them in Luxury hotels around the world as well as at homes in the USA, UK, Europe, Australia, and countries where people cherish a good night’s sleep.

As the oldest Box Spring Beds manufacturer in India, we have supplied these to the Marriotts, Hyatts, Starwoods, Shangri Las & many more luxury hotels since 1995.

We offer the same to discerning home users now.

The coil springs in our Box Springs act as a secondary support system to the mattress. It reduces the wear & tear of the mattress while increasing the comfort & durability of the whole bed.

Snoozer offers a choice of our entry-level Bonnell Spring Box Spring Bed or the Gold standard Pocket Sprung fitted in a sturdy furniture grade wood unit. These are upholstered either as per factory standard or custom upholstered as per the client’s specifications.

These units can also be customized to fix existing beds or other bed designs including Four Poster Beds, Scandanavian, Turkish, Italians, etc.

We at Snoozer believe that a bed is built for sleep & not storage, for which you could opt for cupboards, drawer units, or ottomans.

Upholstered Box Spring Bed
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