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Beauty Sleep Mattress

Beauty Sleep® Mattress

Rejuvenate on a soft, plush mattress

As the name suggests, the Snoozer® Beauty Sleep® is just the mattress for the best sleep experience you deserve after a long, tiring day at work to replenish your mind and body. With its plush comfort and luxurious softness, it ensures complete rejuvenation. Beauty Sleep® soft mattress is the best plush comfort luxury mattress brand in India. Upholstered in soft quilted cotton fabric and 100% comfortable Natural Latex with an advanced adaptive coils, the Snoozer® Beauty Sleep® is available in thickness of “10”, and 12″.

Rs. 1,62,975++

Rs. 77 / Good Night’s Sleep
(300 Nights over a recommended 7 Year Usage)

Custom Size Rs.30.18/ Sq Inch


  • Unique minimalistic waterfall design
  • Firm sitting edges & surface
  • No partner disturbance
  • No need to flip

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MRP (incl of GST). Door Delivered to your home at no extra cost.
Costs ₹55 per Good Night over a Ten Year Usage

    Why Choose a
    Beauty Sleep® Mattress ?

    As the name suggests, this soft mattress is the perfect one to catch up on your Beauty Sleep after a long tiring day. Snoozer® understands that you need luxurious comfort to help you go to sleep faster, and for deep undisturbed sleep throughout the night. With a luxury mattress like Snoozer® Beauty Sleep® you have the experience of waking up fresh, just like the last time you stayed at your favourite five star hotel. Our plush Beauty Sleep® mattress gives you exactly the same experience as a luxury hotel mattress. In fact, most luxury hotels in India use Snoozer® mattress over other brands. With a no need to flip design, anti-allergy dust mite protection and firm sitting edges, the Snoozer Beauty Sleep® Mattress is reputed as one of the most comfortable, soft and best premium mattresses ever made in India. Experience the best sleep of your life when you sleep on this soft mattress, made for rejuvenating every part of your body.

    Beauty Sleep® You Need

    True to it’s name, the Beauty Sleep® Mattress helps you recover from all your tiredness and fatigue from head to toe! Rejuvenate on this plush mattress after a long tiring day at work.

    No Partner Disturbance

    No more tossing, turning, or getting disturbed during your sleep. With it’s multi pocket spring, the Beauty Sleep® ensures sound, comfortable sleep, irrespective of partner movement.

    I ordered Snoozer® Beauty Sleep® Mattresses. I was pleasantly surprised they were as good as the high priced Imported Hotel Mattresses.”
    – Naveen Jindal, Chairman, JSPL

    Your Very own Cloud
    Soft as a cloud, this mattress
    brings out the child in you

    Great for the Kids
    Working it’s magic on all ages,
    a preferred choice for the young

    Couple’s Choice
    A leading choice for couples,
    stable with no signs of squeaking



    Rs. 84000++
    Rs. 40 / Good Night’s Sleep

    (300 Nights over a recommended 7 Year Usage)

    Rs. 1,23,770++
    Rs. 53 / Good Night’s Sleep

    (300 Nights over a recommended 7 Year Usage)

    Rs. 2,34,795++
    Rs. 111 / Good Night’s Sleep

    (300 Nights over a recommended 7 Year Usage)

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